We offer many different types of 'Educational Encounter' to meet your unique needs! We have five main types of educational encounter that are popular with schools;


- Reptiles & invertebrates

- Mini-beasts

- African Animals

- Animals of the Amazon

- Australian Animals


We also offer animal assisted therapy sessions for specialist schools & groups which we can tailor to your specific needs; we can adapt your educational session to include the species that you would like to meet (or to omit any species that you do not wish to see! e.g. snakes or spiders!).



We also visit schools & colleges to present lectures & hold animal handling sessions for the students; a PDF giving an over-view of the talks/presentations that we offer can be found in the 'Booking Information' tab at the top of the page.


We teach all ages from years 1 & 2, 6th form up to College & University level; we can adapt our lecture accordingly to fit in with the topics you wish to cover.


Our Pets as Therpy team can also visit care homes, hospices, special needs schools & activity centres to provide an exciting, informative experience for everyone!


If you would like a visit from us, or would like to discuss a potential visit, please contact us! 

This educational encounter is great for school visits or for any reptile or invertebrate enthusiast!


The group sizes most desirable for this type of encounter are 10-15 children or a small class of children within a school environment e.g. 30-35 students.


We also do phobia sessions for people with ophiophobia (phobia of snakes) or scoliodentosaurophobia (phobia of lizards).

Please go to our 'Phobia Sessions' tab for more information! 


For more information/details of this educational encounter please go to our Our Events' tab or the 'Meet Our Animals' tab at the top of this page.


This type of educational encounter allows children to meet the animals of Africa that they often learn about at school as part of their school curriculum, thus this type of event is highly popular with schools & similar set-ups.


Children will get to learn about lots of different African animals across different taxonomic groups from reptiles & invertebrates to the adorable mammals such as meerkats that are found in Africa.



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