Veterinary Handling Sessions

At Amate Animalia, we spend every day looking after & rescuing exotic animals from perilous circumstances, we also educate others about the specialist needs of exotic mammals & reptiles & we provide lifelong support to those who may require help with their exotic animal.


In addition, we provide exotic animal handling sessions for veterinary professionals; this is because the exotic pet trade has unfortunately increased exponentially over the last few years and more and more people are getting exotic pets.


This acquisition of exotic pets is usually done on a whim, without prior research or preparation, thus many of these newly purchased animals end up not being looked after properly, or are abandoned after their owner has realised how difficult they are to look after!


Many owners overlook the specialist nature of looking after an exotic animal, as well as the massive expense that will ensue.

Therefore, more and more exotic species are being brought into veterinary practices for a variety of reasons & veterinary professionals have to become more familiar with these exotic patients in order to be able to treat them correctly & appropriately.


We find that our sessions help veterinarians & vet nurses gain more confidence with handling exotic species which is vital during this current exotic pet climate!

In addition to the animal handling, the session also includes a presentation which discusses crucial aspects of exotic animal care such anaesthetics, analgesia, animal behaviour & restraint techniques as well as common health problems in specific exotic animal species.


Our presentations can vary depending on your specific practice requirements & needs - we visit both practices that are new to seeing exotic patients & those who have been seeing exotics for years but who may wish to get hands on with some more unusual & specialised species.


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