Educational Encounters

At Amate Animalia, we offer many different types of 'Animal Encounter' to meet your unique needs! We have five main types of animal encounter that are popular with schools;


- Reptiles


- Mini-beasts


- African Animals


- Animals of the Amazon / Rainforest Animals


- Australian Animals



We can custom design your animal encounter to include the species that you would like to meet (or to omit any species that you do not wish to see! e.g. snakes or spiders!).


If you wish to adapt your encounter to accommodate your specific needs, then please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page.


Our 'Animal Encounters' allow students to get up close and personal with our rescued animals! which is not only an exciting experience which they will never forget! but we also find that it brings the learning to life!

We often find that when students get an opportunity to meet some of the animals they are learning about in real life & in their own classroom! they engage better with their learning material!


Many of the schools we have visited have reported an increase in student performance after a school visit & a higher interest level in the animal-related topic.


We visit different schools with children of all ages & abilities, thus we can tailor your encounter to suit your needs. We also present lectures at Colleges & Universities thus we can cover topics at different academic abilities.



Encounters for Higher Education


Amate Animalia also provides a range of specialist higher level lectures for secondary schools, colleges & Universities all over the UK.

Lectures last around 45 minutes to an hour and are presented using PowerPoint & other interactive aids - such as some of our rescued animals!

We use real exotic animal/wildlife case studies in order to discuss the topics in more detail & bring the topics to life!


Each lecture can be adapted to meet the needs of the teaching establishment.

We present our real life experiences & wildlife project work which is always very popular & ensures a stimulating learning environment!


Most Popular Lectures for Higher Education



Impact of Wildlife Diseases on Trade & Tourism (Approximately 45 minutes)


This lecture discusses how wildlife diseases, whether sporadic or endemic affect the local trade & tourism & thus how it can affect the local economy.

The lecture will also look at specific examples (e.g. TB) & how preventative measures can be used to prevent the impact on the local economy.


Conservation and the Role of Zoos (Approximately 45 minutes)
This lecture discusses the role of zoos in wildlife conservation & looks at the controversial nature of in-situ & ex-situ conservation techniques.

Specific examples are used to discuss the pros & cons of wildlife conservation methods & sustainability of wild animals within zoos is debated.



Other Topics that are Popular;



Reptile Anaesthesia & Fluid Therapy (Approximately 45 minutes)


These lectures focus on the specific areas of reptile care, covering the topic of medical treatment of common health disorders in reptiles. The main areas covered are reptile anaesthesia, fluid therapy as well as common reproductive, bacterial & endoparasitic diseases.


Nutrition in Reptiles (Approximately 45 minutes)


This lecture discusses the different elements that affect reptile nutrition; temperature, lighting, humidity, social interaction & covers some of the more common nutritional disorders such as calcium deficiencies & vitamin toxicities.


Pesticide Toxicity in Wildlife (Approximately 45 minutes)


This lecture discusses the pharmacokinetics, mechanism of action & clinical signs of metaldehyde poisoning in domestic and wild animals.


Further Information


If you require further information or would like to make a booking, please contact us using the details below, or go to our 'Contact Page'.


If you would like information of prices, please go to our 'Prices' tab or for information on making a booking or to see copies of our insurance certificate/CRB check please go to our 'Booking Information'


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