Meet Our Animals!


At Amate Animalia, all of our animals have been rescued from either perilous circumstances, from being abandoned or many were not looked after properly & brought into our care.


The following sections show a selection of some of our beloved animals that we have rescued, some of which we take on our educational encounters & pets as therapy sessions.


All of the animals who are part of our Pets As Therapy team enjoy the company of humans & are very friendly! They also love meeting new people.


N.B. We only take specific animals on visits who our animal handlers know inside and out & who are comfortable with coming on visits and who actively seek human interaction. Animal welfare is our first priority & our team would never take animals on visits who were showing signs of distress in anyway.


If there is an animal that you particularly want to meet, then please do not hesitate to contact us!



- Meet Our Reptiles & Invertebrates!

- Meet Our Mammals!



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