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Amate Animalia is a registered charity based in the Cotswolds, we are run completely by volunteers and we aim to teach people about the wonderful world of animals & their specialist needs!


We also rescue exotic mammals, reptiles & invertebrates that have been abandoned, neglected or just not looked after properly! We are available 24 hours a day to be called out to help an animal in need...


We believe that individuals (children & adults alike!) can learn so much about animals & other related topics such as biodiversity, evolution, environmental issues, habitats & fascinating adaptations that allow these truly amazing animals to live their unique lives!


We also feel that these concepts are effectively taught to individuals by allowing them to get close and personal with the animals! This interactive style of learning brings the learning to life!


We also aim to teach people about the requirements of exotic animals in the hope that people will realise that most species do not make good pets!


We hope that we can bring excitement & create a unique experience for your special day when our rescued animals come for a visit!


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