Rescue Stories

At Amate Animalia, we have been rescuing exotic mammals & reptiles for a long time & over the years we have seen some very sad and upsetting cases where animals have been abandoned, neglected or just not looked after properly for a prolonged period of time.

Luckily, we have been able to rehabilitate many of these animals, making them healthier and happier & we have found them wonderful new homes!


We have also kept a lot of the animals ourselves who have lifelong health conditions under our expert care, and these animals will be with us for the rest of their long lives.


Here, we would like to share with you a few of our success stories and tell you a little bit about some of our very special furry, scaly & fluffy friends! 



Darwin is our beautiful Panther Chameleon, he looks completely different to how he looked when he was found!


He was discovered in between two storage containers that were being shipped to a different country, we have no idea where he was headed but we knew he was very poorly, dehydrated and thin - which is evident from the 'before' photo!

Now, he is happy, healthy, brightly coloured and has grown up into a handsome boy!

Oakie is our wonderful skunk who we rescued after he was abandoned as a tiny 5 week old baby in a woods in Hertfordshire. We assume he was bought as a pet, but then abandoned after his first owner's realised how expensive & challenging it is to look after a skunk.


Despite his bad start, Oakie is very much loved & is happy, he also is great friends with my dachshund...! 


Chad came to us in a terrible state, he was so thin - he was almost dead and wouldn't have survived another day. This case of starvation was one of the worst I have ever seen...

It has taken almost two years to get Chad to gain weight and for him to look like a normal gecko again!

He will stay with us for the rest of his days and he is very much loved!

Tiny is a little green anole that was dumped at a Veterinary practice because he was so thin & poorly, he literally was at deaths door!


However we took him in and within 16 months managed to nurse him back to health, you can see how amazing he looks in the 'after' photo! 

Dylan is a little Bearded Dragon who was given to a veterinary clinic because it looked like he had a severe limb problem... you can see from the photo that his legs were bent and he could only drag his body. 


However, after being x-rayed and looked at properly, he was infact very weak but there were no structural defects with his legs & in just over a week Dylan was walking normally and climbing the plants in his vivarium!

All he needed was the correct diet & supplementation... he is now a healthy Bearded Dragon and very happy in his new home! 

Even though ducks are not exactly 'exotic', we have rescued our fair share over the years! and here are some gorgeous little white call ducklings that had some defects with their legs - they couldn't walk or stand & thus couldn't drink or feed, a fatal problem if they were in the wild.


Therefore, with the help of some 'external-coaptation' (or more simply a leg-brace!) their little legs were straightened out within 48 hours and they were swimming around their little pool in no time! Knowone could tell that they had problem legs! In the 'after' photo I am sure you will agree that the lovely drake in the photo looks completely normal!


Jana is one of our meerkats and she was seized by the RSPCA from an owner that didn't look after her properly, she was one of a litter of three babies and we had to be Jana's foster mum!

So since she was a tiny baby we have bottle fed her and nurtured her.


Now she is a stunning adult meerkat and is the alpha female of our meerkat group - all of our meerkats have been rescued and live together, which is very important as meerkats are very social!


Jana is the head of her mob and behaves like a wild meerkat all day! (and they can be quite fierce little creatures!).

Even though pig are not exactly 'exotic', we have also rescued our fair share of pigs & piglets over the years!

These two little piglets were brought into a rescue centre in London after their mother was put down for 'being too aggressive' - the piglets were also due to be euthanised. They are now very happy and as you can see... much bigger than before! (a lesson for those seeking a 'micro-pig'). 

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