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Welcome to our shop, here you can buy items that have photos of our beautiful animals on as well as snuggly pouches & toys for your own animals!


If meerkats are one of your favourite animals, then why not have a key ring of our baby meerkats? Or if Skunks are your thing… why not have a key ring of one of our lovely big cuddly skunks called Oakie!


All of the funds raised go towards the animals! So please help us look after them by buying an item from our shop!



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Animal Choices
Animal Choices
Animal Choices

At Amate Animalia, we survive on donations and are very grateful to receive the odd second hand toy for our rescued animals; however our constant need for toys & soft pouches for our rescued animals is far more than we could ever obtain!

Therefore we started making our own snuggle pouches and toys for our rescued animals.


After many requests from fellow animal lovers, we have started selling our snuggle pouches & other animal toys in order to raise money for our rescued animals.

Our snuggle pouches are hand-made & are lined with a soft fleece – perfect for your little one to snuggle up in! Our sugar gliders love our snuggle pouches and they all have their favourite coloured pouch!


We currently offer our pouches in pink or blue, but we can make them in any colour - so please contact us if you are looking for a particular colour!


Size & Colour

Our soft, snuggly ball pits are very popular with our small rodent species such as our rescued african pygmy dormice & sugar gliders.

They come in a variety of colours and come with several balls that your pet can rummage around in!

Our sugar-gliders love to find their tasty treats after we have hidden them in their ball-pits!

Size & Colour

We also sell handmade cards in order to raise funds for our rescued animals, we have a wide selection from ‘Jabba’ our tree frog to Wally our gorgeous Wallaby!

Which photo is your favourite?


Our cards are available in cream, pink & blue - please specify which colour you would like in the 'comments' box when you place your order! 

Animal Choices
Animal Choices

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