Perfect Paws Dog Training


Perfect Paws Dog Training is a unique dog training entity as all of the dog trainers donate their time & all of the money raised goes to Amate Animalia & the rescued animals.


Perfect Paws was started by one of the trustees of Amate Animalia, who believes that all dogs can live a happy, balanced & fulfilled life.



The founder of Perfect Paws has experienced many dogs with behavioural problems whilst studying canine psychology and animal behaviour & started to help dogs with behavioual issues whilst on various placements at Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs Home & at other dog rescue shelters and sanctuaries.


She also studied dog psychology and trained assistance dogs to learn complex, life-saving tasks.

She in fact has her own assistance dog, who is not only a life-saving medical alert dog & hearing dog but who is also her best friend & one of the dogs who helps out during certain dog training scenarios.

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