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Thank you for visiting Amate Animalia, we are a small, friendly rescue charity that aims to educate others about exotic animals & their specialist needs (& how they often should not be kept as pets!).


We offer specialist educational encounters where individuals get to learn about and meet some of our rescued animals; we visit schools, colleges and universities.


We also offer a specialist 'Pets as Therapy' encounter where we visit care homes, hospices & specialist schools for disabled children.


We also offer veterinary handling sessions to veterinary professionals within both the practice/clinic and university setting.


We rescue many exotic mammals, reptiles & invertebrates that have been abandoned, neglected or just not looked after properly! We are available 24 hours a day to be called out to help an animal in need...


If you want to contact us about an animal in need, please ring us ANYTIME on 07584 283 053


We are also dedicated to teaching students of all ages about the wonderful world of animals (e.g. animal habitats, camouflage & conservation) from the tiny invertebrates to the larger mammals.


Due to the valuable experiences & knowledge that our primary trustee (and main animal handler) gained in exotic & wild animal care whilst she was studying veterinary medicine & completing her MSc in Wild Animal Biology (which was based at London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo & also Woburn) we are very fortunate to be able to care for the rescued exotic animals that come into our care & provide the very best for them.


Sadly, almost all of our animals have been rescued from perilous circumstances & we endeavour to provide them with a happy, healthy & stimulating life.


It is still hard work however & we survive mainly on donations for which we are extremely grateful for - so thank you to all of you who have helped us!


We hope that by teaching people about the requirements of exotic animals, many individuals will realise that many of these animals do not make good pets! 


You can meet some of our animals in the 'Meet Our Animals' section! We are continually updating this section & adding more of our animals.


If you wish to write any comments, please visit the 'Guestbook' section!



Thank you all so much for the donations that we have received! We are very grateful and all of your donations go towards the up-keep of the animals, so on their behalf we thank you!


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14/0452014 - A big thank you to the Kington Bagpuize Brownie pack for an enjoyable afternoon & the donation for the new skunk enclosure! :)

23/04/2014 - We had some baby meerkats arrive who needed hand-rearing, sadly 4 died and only one is left.... but we are trying out best to keep her alive!

27/02/2014 - We had a lovely visit at Helen & Douglas House today, little Jim one of our 'Pets as Therapy' ponies loved meeting everyone! :) 

30/12/2013 - We visited South Essex Wildlife Hospital & picked up some reptiles needing forever homes! If you want to adopt an animal, visit our 'adopt an animal' tab!

29/11/2013 - Charlie our gorgeous Shetland Pony visited Abingdon Court Care home today in his festive gear! We hope you all enjoyed our visit! :)

14/09/2013 - Come and see us at the Charlbury Street Fair this Saturday! (21st Sept!)

22/08/2013 - The animals had a great day today at Barchester Middletown Care Home!

 03/08/2013 - Come and see us as Cold Aston Fayre!

23/07/2013 - This warm weather is making our stunning Atlas Moths emerge from their cocoons! Aren't they gorgeous!?

 18/07/2013 - We had a lovely time today at Tower Hill School! I hope you all did too! :)

 03/07/2013 - We hope everyone at Ormerod School learnt a lot today during their reptile animal encounter!

 23/06/2013 - Thank you to all of you who came to see us at the Blenheim Palace Flower Show! We hope you had a good time!

 15/06/2013 - Happy Birthday Willingtons Garden Centre! We are visiting Willington's this weekend, come down and have a cuddle with some of our animals! :)

 01/05/2013 - Our baby meerkat pup is called Isaac! and he is doing very well!

 12/04/2013 - Our baby meerkat is doing well! But he needs a name... so come and visit our Facebook Page and suggest a name for this little guy! :)

 24/03/2013 - Our leaf insects are growing fast and have had 6 more babies!

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