Scolidentosaurophobia is the phobia of lizards (all species of lizards from geckos, agamids, monitors etc) and although it is not as common as arachnophobia or ophiophobia, it can still be a very upsetting problem for those who suffer from it.

During our scolidentosaurophobia sessions, we work through a series of proven stages that helps the sufferer over-come their phobia, whether extreme or mild.


We start slowly, first discussing possible origins/causes for the fear (for example if a person got bitten by a lizard when they were a child or the fact that lizards can run very fast or 'lose their tails') & we then progress to using visual stimulatory aids to provoke the feeling of fear e.g. fake lizards, photographs etc.


Identifying the origin of the fear is a vital step in the process to overcoming a phobia. Without pin-pointing a cause, the effect cannot be altered & adapted to be a more positive response.

We only progress on to the next stage of the process if the individual feels they can, we never pressure anyone into doing anything that they don’t want to do.

If the sufferer feels ready, we then progress onto looking at live lizards of all sizes, starting small e.g.
tiny hatchlings & then moving onto larger, bigger species e.g. bearded dragons or monitor lizards.


As with our other phobia sessions, the ultimate goal at the end of the session is to be able to handle/hold a calm, friendly species of lizard in a calm & controlled manner.



We only ever use lizards that are known to be friendly & calm and which can be easily handled; this is to ensure that the process of overcoming ones fear is a positive experience & the sufferer has more of a chance of being successful in their endeavour!

Almost all of the lizards that we use for our sessions have been given a second chance at life & have been rescued from bad situations.


For example Tempi & Booth our Bearded Dragons were kept by someone who bred them for the pet-trade, they were so under-fed they were skin and bone. Now, they are in a safe place and are gaining weight and are in a loving forever home!


Our phobia sessions have proven to be very popular & successful and individuals have even found themselves enjoying the company of their newly encountered species!


We even have people telling us that they have a favourite lizard! For example Chad, our beautiful Leopard Gecko & Evangeline our Chinese Water Dragon are two of our most popular lizards!


Although holding a friendly lizard is a good end goal of this session, our main aim is to make the sufferer feel less anxious when confronted with lizards & our other objective is to make the sufferer feel more in control of their fear & more confident around lizards.


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