Training Methods

The method of training used will vary greatly according to the behavioural problem, the level of intensity of the problem but also your dog & their individual personality.


Perfect Paws uses a variety of dog psychology mixed with positive reinforcement – negative reinforcement methods using aversive stimuli are not used! We do not agree with using negative reinforcements such as rattle tins, spray bottles or ‘paw pinching’.

We train dogs by using & shaping their natural behaviours in order to produce the desired behaviour at an appropriate time.


We strongly believe that unwanted behaviours often develop due to a lack of a 'fundamental requirement' in an area of a dog's life. For example a lack of exercise, lack of socialisation or the lack of a consistent, calm pack leader.  


If you would like more detail on how we might be able to help you are your dog, please contact us in order to discuss your individual requirements.

Session Structure


The first step in the process is an initial consultation, where we come and meet your dog and your family & where we can evaluate your dog’s demeanour, behaviour and personality.


We will also discuss with you what you would like to achieve and your expectations.

From there we will discuss with you our proposed training plan.

Whether we are helping your puppy learn basic manners or helping your dog with a deep-seated problem we will come up with a schedule that suits you & your dog.


Most of the time, training will begin within the family home and may continue there for a few sessions before moving on outside & into the public areas. 


This is because the centre of many behavioural problems do actually begin within the home setting & become exacerbated when outside or with excess stimulation – therefore it is always best to ‘come back to basics’.


The same is also true when training puppies - you cannot expect your puppy to behave outside in the town if they have not mastered the basic manners & behaviours within the home. 



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