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Thank you for visiting Amate Animalia, we are a registered charity (1164303) based in the Cotswolds which is run completely by volunteers.


We aim to educate others about exotic animals & their specialist needs.


We also offer specialist educational encounters where individuals get to learn about and meet some of our rescued animals; we visit schools, colleges and universities.


We also offer a specialist 'Pets as Therapy' encounter where we visit care homes, hospices & specialist schools for disabled children.


We also offer veterinary handling sessions to veterinary professionals within both the practice/clinic and university setting.


We rescue many exotic mammals, reptiles & invertebrates that have been abandoned, neglected or just not looked after properly! We are available 24 hours a day to be called out to help an animal in need...




N.B. If you are contacting us about a general enquiry, e.g. adoption or rehome of your animal, please contact us during our admin hours which are Mon-Fri 1-4pm or please send us an email directly;


We are also dedicated to teaching students of all ages about the wonderful world of animals (e.g. animal habitats, camouflage & conservation) from the tiny invertebrates to the larger mammals.


Sadly, almost all of our animals have been rescued from perilous circumstances & we endeavour to provide them with a happy, healthy & stimulating life.


It is still hard work however & we barely survive on public donations and we need your support to keep going!  So if you would like to help us continue our work, please make a donation!



We hope that by teaching people about the specialist requirements of exotic animals, many individuals will realise that many of these animals do not make good pets & will not purchase an exotic pet on a whim; we also aim to support exotic animal keepers.


You can meet some of our animals in the 'Meet Our Animals Section!'

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